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Frequently Asked Questions

What Health Care Information Technology System products do you have?

At present, we offer a Hospital Information System (HIS), Laboratory Information System (LIS) – POLYTECH™ by CompProMed™ of USA, Computed Radiography (CR) and Teleradiology from iCR Company,Torrance,CA,USA, Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Solutions from American Medical Sales, Inc., Hawthorne, CA, USA.

How do I choose the right laboratory information system?

Being expensive doesn't guarantee the best laboratory information system. A good LIS is easy to install and use. It should be easy to expand and maintain. Most importantly, it should have years of experience in the field and backed by competent personnel to handle your questions and concerns.

Where do I begin with my plans for an LIS for my lab?

Contact us and we'll get you started in no time.

What type of Health Care institutions do you cater?

We don't discriminate. Our products and services extend from stand alone laboratories, and clinics, small community hospitals to tertiary hospitals, we cater to all your information technology needs.

Will my small laboratory need an Information Technology System?

Big or small, we know that you have one goal in mind, to offer your clients the best you can give. This means quality, reliable, accurate and cost effective services. So, we at Elan Vita Diagnostic Solutions are here to help you reach this.

Where do we start if we want to improve or digitize our Radiology Department?

  • Go Digital – Start with Computed Radiography
  • Evaluate the workload and modalities that you want to consolidate
  • Check if all your other modalities are DICOM compliant.

What comprises the CR set-up?

  • Your X-ray machine
  • CR machine with software and reading station
  • This is as small as 1 work station - to control the CR machine and store DICOM images.

When do we need a PACS?

  • It is best to invest in PACS if you have more than 8,000 images to store
  • An alternative is to burn the old files into CDs or DVDs but not a solution for quick query.

How do we start with the PACS project?

  • Determine what modalities to include
  • Make sure that these equipments are DICOM ready
  • From here we can design the approach needed for the project.

What do we need to start a PACS?

  • A PACS is a system that needs hardware and software 
  • This will be designed based on the number of modalities to be attached to the PACS
  • This will also be designed based on the workload of the Institution.

How about RIS? Do we need this?

  • RIS is used to manage patient demographics and schedule. Just like an EMR module.
  • If you want to connect to an HIS, you need an RIS. If the HIS has an RIS module ready
    then you only need PACS. 

Published on 21 October 2011