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         It is my pleasure to accommodate you and your inquiries regarding Elan Vita Diagnostic Solutions, our products and services. Elan Vita Diagnostic Solutions is a health care information management and technology systems and solutions provider. We cater to information management and technology needs of health care institutions in the Philippines.

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    Keith Buyco

    Published on 16 October 2011

    Feature Product

    Fusion DCR™

    A first of it's kind... Fusion DCR™ combines cassette-based CR technology with integrated DR technology to give you the best of both modalities
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    Vmotion is a digital conversion kit specifically designed for GE AMX 4 and 4+ portable x-ray machines.
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    iCR3600 is our flagship product and the most affordable CR in the
    market. iCR3600 received an "A" rating in all technology, sales and service fields in the 2009 KLAS Medical Imaging Buyer's Guide.
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    iCR3600 SF

    iCR3600 SF is the world's only fully automatic small format CR. iCR3600SF is ideal for podiatry imaging. Read More

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